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Сценарій Фестивалю англійської культури
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Scenario of the Festival «English Culture Time»


Pupil 1: Dear teachers, pupils and guests!

Pupil 2: You are welcome to our generous, rich and hospitable Ukrainian land!

Pupil 1: Today honourable guests are invited on our Festival:

Pupil 2: The Methodist of the Regional Methodical Centre-

                   Maryna Vitaliyivna  Mochikina

Pupil 1::The Head of Town Department of Education-

                    Nellia Victorivna Pechatnikova

Pupil 2: The Director of Methodical centre –

                    Halyna Tymofiyivna Prokopenko

Pupil 1:: The  Methodist of Methodical Centre-

                   Tetyana Fedorivna Motkova

Pupil 2: The Head of the Commission of Foreign Language Teachers - Nellia Hryhorivna Abrosimova

Pupil 1::Let us give you bread and salt.

Pupil 2: The word for congratulations of participants of the festival is given to N. V. Pechatnikova.

Pupil 1: The word is given to N. H. Abrosimova.


Pupil 1: Good morning dear pupils and teachers!  We are glad to greet you on this very important day at Secondary school №4.  Today we are celebrating the English language Day, which has an official name “English Culture Time”.

Pupil 2:  I should say that English is one of the most popular, wide-spread languages in the world. Many centuries ago, The British Isles were captured by Anglo-Saxons tribes. They called this country “Anglia”, that is “the land of Angels”, it means that we speak a very nice language, the language of angels. It sounds beautiful and fantastic!

    Pupil 1: Nowadays it is very important to study foreign languages. People in Europe speak their native languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish and so on, but most of them know English very well.

Many professions require a working knowledge of English, they are, for example: pilots of international airlines, air traffic controllers, diplomats, translators, tourist guides and others.

Pupil 2: Why should you study English? It is because:

It helps you to be a better learner of your own language and culture.

It is a good exercise for the intellect.

It can expend your knowledge in different fields: in science, politics, medicine, social and human relations, history, culture, arts and sports.

You’ll be able to travel all over the world and communicate with people everywhere.

You’ll always get the news first if you watch the international television networks: CNN, the BBC that broadcast news fast and more professionally.

You’ll get access to the Internet and find information on any subject.

Pupil 1: You’ll learn all about your favourite music groups, pop singers and Hollywood celebrities in magazines and newspapers written in the original.

You’ll find a good job and earn enough money to travel.

Almost all business in Ukraine today is international. English prepares you for a successful career.

 You can be politicians, scientists, doctors, lawyers everywhere in the world, or girls just can be a secretary who has to write letters in English and speak English on the phone.

Pupil 2: What makes a good language learner?

You should read English books a lot, listen to English songs, learn English poems and texts by heart, do English crossword puzzles, watch English films in the original and lots of things that help you to understand and speak this wonderful language. I wish you good luck in learning English! And now, have a good time at our festival! 

Pupil 1: Let’s continue. Let’s enjoy English dancing, songs and music! Music and songs raise our spirits, help us to overcome difficulties, make our feelings more complicated and our life becomes more colourful. 
         Pupil 2: Yes, I think so. Let's enjoy our pupils' and teachers` singing and dancing. Firstly, we shall listen to our dearest teachers. Sher, Song “ All or nothing”  by Lisnyak  Olha Volodymdrivna and Zakhrova Alla Volodymyrivna . Sher became one of the performers with the greatest number of sold records in the history of the music industry. Her songs became international hits and won a Grammy awards. You are welcome.

Pupil 1: Thanks a lot, dear teachers. Now meet Bychkova Iryna Vadymivna with the song “Drip drops.”

Pupil 2: It's splendid! Learning English through music helps us to understand and to learn the culture of English-speaking countries. It is very interesting because we learn English. Meet the group of the pupils of  Educational Complex of koroviy Yar with the  song “Old McDonald had a farm”. Dear pupils, you are welcome.

Pupil 1: Thanks a lot. Nowadays, we can hear music everywhere: in the streets, at home, over the radio and TV, and Internet, and of course, at our school, because a lot of pupils are interested in music. We are glad to invite to our stage Victoria Skalyanska from School of Zarichne with the song “Undo”.

Pupil 2: Thank you very much, Victoria. The English language! So beautiful and melodious! Now let`s see how our pupils can dance. Dance “Country” by the pupils of  School of  Drobyshevo.

Thank you, pupils. Now meet the pupil of Torske School  with the                    Song “Let it go.”

Pupil 1: Well done. So I`m sure everybody at our festival knows the great English poet and dramatist W. Shakespeare. Shakespeare found the first professional theatre “The Globe” and played on its stage. Everyone knows Shakespeare`s plays: “Othello”, “Hamlet”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “King Lear”. Now we shall listen to his 141st sonnet by Yuriy Petryk and  maryna Bylina from  School of Zakitne.

Pupil 2: Thanks a lot. Love and death, friendship and treason, devotion and lie are the main ideas of Shakespeare`s works. One more Shakespeare`s the130th sonnet by Dmytro Didenko оf the lyceum.

Pupil 1: Thank you, Dmytro. Let`s continue. We are glad to invite to our stage Daryna Fedorenko of Yampil Educational Complex. Song “Believe me” by Yulia Savicheva.

Pupil 2: Thank you, Daryna. You know Irish Dances are very popular all over the world. They are based on quick and precise footwork while body and hands remain motionless. So Irish Dance by pupils of School № 5. You are welcome.

Pupil 1: Well done, pupils .Let`s come back to music and songs. Let`s listen to a miraculous song “Sway” by Olena Shepel, the pupil of School № 3.

Pupil 1: Thank you very much, Оlena. You know one of the outstanding British writers –Rudyard Kipling. He was one of the most popular writers of his time. The unusual effect of his tales is reached by the rhythm and the music of words. Kipling was awarded the Nobel Prize for his works. So, the poem “If” by Anastasia Koval, the pupil of Yarova School.

Pupil 2: Well done. Let`s continue. We are glad to invite to our stage Eleonora Patoka, the pupil of Educational Complex № 1. Song “Twinkle, twinkle little star.”

Pupil 1: Thanks a lot. One more beautiful song “Impressions” by Yana Bulatova,  the pupil of  Rubtsi School.

Pupil 1: Thanks a lot, children. Everybody at our festival knows the great English romantic poet G. G. Byron. Byron conquered the imagination of the whole Europe by his dark selfishness. His character Child Harold became the prototype of countless Byronic heroes in literature of different European countries.

So Byron`s poem “She walks in the beauty” by Anastasia Bondareva, the pupil of School № 4.

Pupil 2: Thank you very much, Anastasia. And now the greatest event at our festival –the extract of the novel “ Mary Poppins '' by children`s writer P. Travers. She is a famous English writer. Children all over the world read her novels. There is a film of her novel which won an Oscar in five nominations. So, the pupils of gymnasium, you are welcome.

Pupil 1: Thanks a lot. Everybody knows a legendary band from Liverpool “The Beatles”. The whole generation grew on their songs. They are called “Fab Four”. They released 13 albums and created 211 songs. So, the song “Lemon Tree” by the pupils of lyceum. You are welcome.

Pupil 2: Thanks a lot, boys. Again dances. Meet Scottish dance by the girls of School № 4. Scotland is an amazing country with a rich history and culture. This state is associated in the world with a traditional plaid kilt and bagpipes. However a Scottish dance is popular and recognizable. It became the embodiment of distinctive culture, freedom and militancy of this nation. So girls, you are welcome.

Ведучий 3:Well done, girls. Let`s listen to Anton Bondarenko from Terny Educational Complex wirh a poem “If I were a king”.

Pupil 2: Thank you, Anton. Do you know American hip hop singer Timbaland?  He is a double winner of the Grammy Awards. Let`s listen to his song “About Love” by the pupils of Shandryholove School Leonad tereshenko and Ksenia Sysoyeva.

Pupil 2: Well done! Now let`s listen to Christina Perry`s song “A thousand years”. Christina Perry is an American singer and the author of her songs. Meet Hanna Tymofiyeva of Terny Educational Complex.

Pupil 1: Thank you, Hanna. Poetry! It`s amazing. It`s the art of words. It`s depiction of beauty by words. Let`s listen the author`s verse by Polina Medvedeva of Yampil Educational Complex.

Pupil 1: Thank you, Polina. Now meet the pupils of gymnasium. Dance “Clap your hands”.

Pupil 2: Thanks a lot, children. Again let’s go to poetry. G.G. Byron “She walks in the beauty” by Polina Sheyin оf School № 5.

Pupil 1: Thank you! Meet Anastasia Potapenko and Danylo Kurilov  of School  with thw songLet`s twist again”.

Pupil 2: Thank you, girls. Let`s listen to a wonderful poem “The Road not Taken”by Olena Marsymova of School № 3.

Pupil 1: Well done, Оlena. Frank Sinatra is the American singer, actor, film director, producer and showman, 9 times winner of the Grammy Awards. Let`s listen to his song “Moon River” by Daria Bondarenko of School № 5

Pupil 2: Thank you. Adgar Po is the American writer, the representative of the American romanticism, the Creator of the modern detective. The poem “Eldorado” by Maryna Demchenko of Educational Complex №1.

Pupil 1: Thank you, Мaryna. Sorry to say our festival is coming to the end.  But!!! “Show Must Go on”. Meet Danylo Shedov of School №4.

Pupil 2: We think you have enjoyed our beautiful songs, poems and dances!

Pupil 1: Dear teachers, boys and girls! Thank you for your active participation. You are brilliant at singing, poetry and dancing.

We were very glad to meet you at our school. Up to new meetings! Good bye!


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